Basic Computer Maintenance To Keep Your PC Running Fast and Efficient

An article by Jason Bryant of Downriver Computer Repairs

Did you know you can do some basic maintenance yourself on your computer to keep your pc running fast and efficent?

The first thing you can do is run the Disk Defragment utility built into your windows operating system. to get there:

Click on Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragment.

A window will pop up and in the text box will show your main hard disk drive (i.e. C:\). Click the Ok button to run. This may take a little while if you have never run this program before – but be patient – it will complete and your hard drive will love you for it.

You should run this overnight when you are not actively on your computer so it does not get interfered with.

I recommend running this every month as it can speed up your pc and clean up your harddrive.

Jason Bryant
Your Downriver Computer Repair Guy

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2 Responses to “Basic Computer Maintenance To Keep Your PC Running Fast and Efficient”
  1. Jason,

    Thanks for this maintenance tip. I also like to use CCleaner and CleanUp software as it will clear up all the other temp directories that you may no know about. Looking to see more great tips from you on this blog.


  2. Karen Borden says:

    If you need your computer repaired, call Jason, i called him and he had my computer fixed
    in the same day i took it to him. It was great, i will go back to him with all my computer needs,
    with no hesitation. Hes good at what he does, my computer runs great, and it did not cost
    me a fortune to get it fixed.
    Thanks Jason…..

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